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    Hanibaal Systems Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Israel in the field of Document Management System software. The company was founded in 1997 by Anni Mazal-Tov Bzhezinski and since then it has been providing its customers with a wide range of solutions. In the field of Content Management with an emphasis on Document Management System (DMS), Document Scanning, Digital Signature working stations, Digital Signature Server and internal organizational knowledge sharing.

    The company is engaged in the development and marketing of "Files" and Document Management System software, Digital Signature working stations, providing scanning and document management services in connection with ERP systems.

    The uniqueness of the company is in providing a comprehensive solution
    Which is fit to all the needs of the organization.

    Hanibaal's information systems are characterized by the use of the latest technological tools And operate in a scanner environment ranging from the simplest And up to the high levels of scanning using kofax and industrial scanners that scan at rates of tens of thousands of pages per day.

    Hanibaal information system has extensive experience (over 20 years) in the field of Document Management System and document scanning software, in the field of data transmission and development of organizational knowledge systems.

    This experience gives the employees of Hanibaal Systems Ltd. a broad ability and a systemic vision in different environments such as: Small businesses, accounting, inventory, knowledge management, corporate systems, industries, insurance companies, banks and more.

    Hanibaal Systems places emphasis on providing a fast and creative reliable service.

    The company's extensive experience in the process of characterization and definition of needs, saves time and resources and enables the organization to operate efficiently and safely.

    Head of Development Mr. Yossi Mazal-Tov is a project manager with many years of experience in the fields: Financial systems, insurance systems, Document Management Systems, scanning and retrieving information.

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    The company has developed information systems on a variety of topics:

    • Software for Document Management With or without link to ERP systems.
    • Software for Scan documents .
    • Software for Barcode scanning and identification .
    • Working station for Certified digital signature .
    • Working station for Secure digital signature - Includes the option to create a personal "secure certificate".
    • Digital Signature System on Server.
    • Service and Process Control Systems.
    • Data transmission systems.

    The company's employees have extensive training and extensive experience
    In the following areas:

    • Project management with decades of man-years.
    • Complex Systems Analysis.
    • Using Advanced Technologies.
    • Understanding diverse hardware infrastructures.
    • Familiarity with different types of networks.
    • Extensive experience in various systems.


accessibility statement

We at Hanibaal Systems are aware of the need to provide appropriate accessibility for people with disabilities.

And make use of an nagish-li component for the purpose of providing as appropriate support as possible to those who need such a component.

Read our accessibility statement and contact us if necessary and we will make adjustments accordingly

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Our motto: scan - filing - keying - sharing.