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Barcode-il - Scan documents by barcode from Hanibaal Systems Ltd.

The software for scanning documents and auto-keying according to a barcode, performs barcode identification according to dynamic values ​​and creation of a suitable file (PDF / TIFF) in the directory set for each document type, for example: unique library for delivery notes, library for service calls, etc.

The file is built according to the barcode identification and can contain one or more pages (reading and identifying a barcode from the first page to the page that contains a different barcode).

The ERP / CRM / SAP system or any other enterprise system, will read the created files, named as the known certificate / value number and tag them in the central system.

Barcode documents are automatically, quickly, and without the need for any definition. Hanibaal's document scanning software is one of the leading products that excels in simplicity and spectacular technological capabilities.

The automatic scanning system allows you to identify a printed barcode anywhere / direction in the scanned paper. While scanning, the system detects the barcode embedded in the page, decodes it and performs an automatic keying activity.

According to a pre-defined "contract", each barcode will have at least one unique "character" through which we can identify the barcode and the type of document according to it.

The system will look for the next page in the list and check for a barcode and a change compared to the previous barcode. If no such barcode is found (no change found), the page will join the file that will hold all the pages belonging to the document until a new barcode is found or the packet is finished (barcode to barcode identification).

The system "knows" how to scan documents or load "scanned files" from a library online or locally and it displays the scanned / loaded "packet" and allows you to change the page locations in the packet as well as "fix" the barcode codes found (packet management).

In the packet approval, files are created according to dynamic "rules" written in the table of document types, which allows each system (ERP / SAP / CRM) to load the key results.

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Additional explanation of the software

For the needs of companies, factories, organizations and the self-employed, Hanibal has developed software for scanning documents by barcode, which provides a variety of benefits. It is a smart and advanced system, simple and very user-friendly, which shows the highest level in scanning documents in general and barcodes in particular.

Barcode scanning can be done in different ways and by different technologies. As is well known, barcode is the name for a commercial code that may have straight parallel lines, which represent letters or numbers that hold information about certain products. In fact, barcodes were invented in the middle of the second half of the twentieth century, and since its 1970s they have been increasingly used in the commercial world, when today they can be found in a wide range of places: on food chains, equipment stores, libraries, warehouses and more. Many places where many products or items are held.

Barcodes can be scanned in various ways, for example using readers called CCD, using a laser, using images and using a mobile phone. Also, there are many types of barcodes that are usually divided into two-dimensional, where one-dimensional barcode can represent single quantities while two-dimensional barcode can also represent hundreds of letters and numbers.

Our company provides you with advanced barcode scanning software, which scans documents and automatically opens using the barcode embedded on them. The software knows how to identify the barcode according to dynamic values ​​and create a suitable file in the directory set for each type of document. This is a leading document scanning software with highly impressive technological capabilities. It detects the barcode embedded in the page, decodes it and performs an automatic keying, while identifying the printed barcode in any direction or place on the scanned paper. This software also knows how to load scanned files from a local library and network, as well as scan such documents, view the loaded or scanned packet, while changing page locations and correcting barcode codes if necessary.