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  • Certified Digital Signature - Sign any document in the system easily and quickly

    Hanibal Information Systems has developed a simple and efficient digital signature application

    The system allows manual signing ("scribble" signature)

    With or without a smart card, or with a secure digital signature

    No need to purchase Digital sign application. Filed and signed immediately

  • Office budget savings
  • Certified or secure digital signature software

For more than 20 years, our company has been a leader in the field of Document Management System in Israel,

and provides advanced solutions to customers from a variety of sectors of the economy. Among other things,

We entrust the development of Document Management Software with or without a link to erp systems,

Document scanning software, data transmission systems, customer support systems, and more.

Meanwhile our company is able to provide any technological solution on the subject of Certified and secure digital signature ,

In accordance with Israeli law and international standards in general.

As is well known, in recent decades there have been rapid and significant changes in the world of computer communications, so that high-quality files can be transferred for a wide range of uses and purposes, including customer engagement,

Government, financial entities, legal entities, and more. At the same time, there was a growing awareness of dangers such as forgery of documents and data in this area, so measures were developed aimed at protecting the document and data, and making sure that it was signed on

by its sender, in which no changes were made, and even called by the recipient who was to receive it. An electronic signature, also known as a certified or secure digital signature, plays a significant role in this.

Please note: The determining wording of the laws and procedures published here, changes from time to time. The determining wording is found in records published in accordance with the law from time to time

Hanibaal Systems Digital Signature Software

Hanibaal Systems' signature software is sold based on installation at a computer workstation.

The software allows you to do the following:

1. Digitally sign pdf or graphic files of tif, jpg, bmp, png.

2. Possibility to sign anywhere in the document and in several places as required by a handwrite sign (which can be loaded from a pre-prepared file)

3. Sign with or without the signature sample, and using a secure digital signature that is on the list of certificates approved at the workstation.

In workstation where there is no such secure signature, a personally secure "certificate" can be generated using the software.

4. Sign with or without the signature sample and using a smart card (certified digital signature) issued by a certifying company in Israel or from anywhere in the world.

5. Perform a "Sign and Send" procedure - upload a required file, sign the needed document, save the signed file and send it with additional files if required.

In any case of signing using a local secure certificate or using a smart card, a "logo" will be added to the pdf file showing the caption, "Computerized, digitally signed document".

Each logo can be loaded according to the needs and suitability of the signature.

The system can be downloaded and used for free without receiving service (In case of free use, reminder messages will pop up depending on the activity.)

for enterprise digital signature systems , For network installation and automatic signing, contact the Hanibaal Systems sales team.

What is a digital signature anyway?

Digital signature is a method that allows you to add an "encryption" component to documents, in order to enable proof of "authenticity" and accurate identification of the "signature" operation. Encryption uses mathematical processes that are difficult, if

In general, it is possible to crack the "private signature code" of the seal with them. Thus, the person who signed the document can be sure that it will not be changed by a third party, while the recipient can be sure that the document in front of him, signed

Digitally, signed by the person who claims to have signed it, and that the document has not changed since it was signed.

Legal Basis - Digital Signature Law

The law sets rules that clarify the types of signatures that can be issued, the identity of the parties who will be able to issue, the various means of signing, and how to obtain a license to issue electronic means of signature.

The relevant legislation on the subject is, the Electronic Signature Law, as well as the Electronic Signature Regulations which deal with, among other things, secure electronic signatures, hardware and software systems and examination of applications regulations.

Electronic signature dealing with the registration and administration of an approving entity, and regulations dealing with the registration of an approving entity that is the state or corporation established by law.

What are the settings for a secure electronic signature?

As stated, the Digital Signature Law deals, among other things, with the basic definitions of electronic signatures and their types. By law:

"Secure electronic signature" - an electronic signature that has all of the following:

1. It is unique to the owner of the means of signature ("means of signature" - unique software, object or information, necessary for the production of a secure electronic signature).

2. It enables the alleged identification of the signatory ("Signatory" - the person to whom a signature was produced).

3. It was produced by a signature that is under the sole control of the signatory.

4. It allows you to detect a change made in the e-mail after the signing date.

The law goes on to define what an approved electronic signature is:

"Certified electronic signature" - a secure electronic signature that the certifying authority has issued an approved electronic certificate regarding the means of verifying the signature that identifies it ("certifying body" - the certifying authority

Approved electronics, and registered in the registry in accordance with the provisions of this law).

Who needs a digital signature?

The law also defines when and in what situations the citizen of Israel must sign the documents with a digital signature (secure or approved). This is when it comes to electronically transmitting documents to the various government ministries, including

Also to the court, so that the documents will be "recognized" as original, correct and signed with certainty by the person who signed them and declared that they signed them.

For example:

Secure digital signature

can be used by any organization to send a tax invoice to a customer, provided it is provided by entities authorized to issue a secure digital signature, including companies that sell such signatures online and comply with the law

Certified digital signature

In order to eliminate documents recognized by the income tax as showing a recognized expense and which are recorded in the company registers as such, it is necessary to meet a number of conditions, including: Scanning the documents with the "Original document"

and "digitally signed" stamp (regulations change from time to time and the Digital Signature Law and regulations established for it, which have entered into force by the laws of the Knesset of Israel).

By law, the document will be signed by the scanning system using an approved digital signature, with the signature being the means of signature issued for the operation of the scan by one of the companies issuing the approved means of signature

In Israel (comsign, persolanid). In addition, the document will be filed in the "Document Management" system (for example: the il-doc Document Management System from Hanibaal Information Systems Ltd.), so that the document can be located by

Invoice number, carrier, and invoice date.

Another person in the organization will be able to view the scanned document, compare the scanned document to the original document and confirm with a second signature that the scanned document matches the original in its entirety.

With his Digital Certificate, he will approve that the document is compatible with the original document.

If the document is accompanied by two digital signatures of authorized persons in the organization, it will be possible to burn the document after submitting the annual report to the income tax and after receiving approval in principle to receive the report (not for its approval).

Additional uses of digital signature

Digital signature is a tool used in a wide range of electronic media connections to the issue. For example, a digital signature makes it possible to verify that a message sent by e-mail was indeed sent by the sender

and is not fake, and together with a dedicated mechanism it also makes it possible to verify that only the recipient of the email actually read it, and more importantly - who were the people who read it and when. In addition, it is possible to encrypt sent messages

By email in a way that only the person to whom the message was sent can actually read it, i.e. only to those who have the key (with the digital signature), and public keys can also be shared.

A broad application of documents, such as legal affidavits, is of great importance to ensure that the document is not modified or re-edited after it has been signed. This completeness of digital documents is aided, among other things, by a digital signature,

whose validity is automatically and immediately revoked in light of re-edits. Also, with a digital signature it is possible to establish secure connections between different users who are at a distance, for example the client in front of the server, and this

By moving an identified key. In addition, it is possible to digitally sign large files in order to make sure that their source is reliable, that no unauthorized changes have been made and that there are no viruses in them, which makes it possible to install them on

Edge computers completely safe.

How is the actual digital signature done?

Usually, a person who has been issued a means of Digital signature for him (card or token or any other approved electronic means), receives on behalf of the company that issues the digital signature software in various forms. Theoretically, the person whom was issued the means to sign,

can digitally sign using any software that uses cryptographic means, which prevents a third party from recognizing the private key. For example, a card issuer can open a pdf file using

Adobe software and see the signature on the file using this software, but will not be able to change it.

The state itself provides signing software included within the drivers designed for installation at the signing workstation, which allow computer software to use these means of signing. It should be noted that there are many companies operating in the market

that also allows you to create an invoice using your mobile phone or website, with the document signed using a secure (unapproved) electronic signature.

The purpose of the "Software", no matter what the source, is to "paste" the signature into the document and allow a third party to accept it as an "original" document created by the sender and not changed from the moment it is signed. In the meantime, any attempt

that a third party changes the document (for example words or sums) will cause the signature to be "canceled" immediately. A "revoked" document is a document in which the chain of certifying bodies is not presented correctly, and / or which reports on

"Hacking" and modifying the document.

Our company's solutions in the field

Hanibaal Systems Ltd. can provide any technological solution to the issue, in accordance with Israeli law and international standards in general. As one of the leading companies in the country in the field of Document Management System, with more than


From two decades, we are able to provide a complete, comfortable and safe envelope for every need of the organization, company or business. The solutions we provide are characterized by the use of the latest technologies, whether they are software

For managing files and documents, document scanning software and providing scanning services, document management in connection with erp systems, data transmission, and more.

On the subject of a certified and secure digital signature, we offer the following solutions, among others:

1. Digitally sign individual documents using any proper and still valid signature method.

2. Sign entire libraries (when the source is kept unchanged) and create "signed" documents in a parallel directory according to the same subdirectory structure.

3. Select, sign and send documents using the Outlook interface where the signed documents are sent to the party to whom the documents are sent. The original documents are sent unchanged, with a copy of the email

which includes the submitted documents can be found in the "Sent Items" box.

4. "View" a defined directory, including subdirectories, detect the entry of an appropriate "file", digitally signing it and move it to another directory. The original file is saved and the signed file is copied to the corresponding directory.

5. Checking the integrity and integrity of a digital signature. The signature is checked by cryptological means and a return message is received as to whether the signature is correct or invalid and what the reason for the disqualification is.

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Hanibaal's system helps preserve the environment.

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