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  • DigiSever-il Application - Digitally Signing Server from Hanibaal Information Systems Ltd.

    Hanibal Information Systems Digitally Signing Server Ltd. allows you to automatically sign files of the type

    pdf, word, excel, power-point, tif, jpg, png, bmp

    The system is installed on one of the company's servers and provides a variety of services.

    The signing procedure allows you to determine in advance whether to make a signature with a secure digital signature or an approved digital signature

    1. Ability to sign a single file - manually run from any server-related position.

    2. Ability to sign an entire directory and leave the signed files in place.

    3. Ability to sign an entire directory and transfer the signed files to a destination directory.

    4. Immediately digitally sign any file that enters a particular directory automatically.

    5. Perform "Sign and Send" Procedure - Sign one or more files and send by email (manual activation).

    6. Perform signature check tests on the files.

    An employee who is linked to the system may perform all the actions previously registered, and manage the signing processes in a controlled manner

    For a comprehensive explanation of the system and for a one-month no-obligation trial option

    Contact the sales department of Hanibaal Information Systems Ltd.

  • Digital Signature Product Box on Server