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  • E-mail server - Email for all purposes

    Sending e-mail using Enterprise API

  • Using an enterprise mail server saves costs
  • Enterprise mail server

The e-mail server developed at Hanibaal Systems allows any organization / company to send emails to any party by running appropriate APIs.

The system was developed for companies and organizations that need to send emails through an SMTP server to outsiders or through the enterprise portal.

The system receives as parameters an XML file containing information about the email and sends it to the requested party.

Using an enterprise mail server, makes sure that the email address will not be accessible to any foreign party, as well as the sender's details and certainly the shipping details.

The server is running in the cloud or on one of the organization's servers, can operate with or without an SSL certificate.

On sites where it is necessary to allow mail to be sent outside the organization - an SSL certificate must be used.